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Well, we are at that spot in the vacation that is smack dab in the middle. The part where the first couple of days seemed to last forever and now time accelerates at an unfair rate. The time when one realizes that there is a constraint on all that you wanted to do, that you probably won’t finish all seven books that are packed in the suitcase, that you won’t spend every waking moment on the sand because indoor relaxing is also important while your skin gets a break from the sun. The hope of writing a new business plan on the screened in porch starts to dwindle and although in paradise, one still has to reprimand the kids when they are misbehaving.

The midway makes me stop, take a breath and try to capture this small amount of time that we cherish so much. It is the time of the vacation when I set my alarm clock before the sun rises, drink a cup of coffee, grab the camera, leash and dog and head out to own just a little bit of this week.

I was fortunate to get a little collection of everything from the crescent moon and north star, last night’s litterbugs, a poor little fish, a jellyfish, the light, the early risers and myself and Piper. It was a good morning.

Ps.  These photos loaded backwards of capture so start at the end if you want to see them in chronological order.


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Well, here we are, coming to a close of another school year.  This one is quite a doozy as my daughter gets ready to head into high school and Gus, well… maybe not quite a milestone but second grade here we come.

The weekend came with lots of photo ops as Mackenzie got ready for her 8th grade dance and Gus played in his first All-Star Game.  What a weekend!


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Every year the one thing I insist on for Mother’s Day is a chance to photograph my family.  It has become a hard earned tradition every May.  The battles along the years have been full of tantrums, me yelling and forced photographs in the end with me begging to have just a few photos of my family.  So, see, I with a camera in hand and the skills worry about the same thing you all do when you finally put an expectation on a block of time with a camera.  I have been lucky career wise and family wise to find those sweet moments between the drama, the tears and the fits to find the magic… The reason why we became mommies.  And with the flick of a shutter, there it is… the expressions, the eyes bright with love and life just froze in time… The tiny nuances we know so well in every ounce of our being… Those reasons that have no explanation of why we can just stare at a photograph over and over and over again.

This year, the fits, the tantrums, the rejecting smile for the camera disappeared and an afternoon of only magic happened.  I could only see the love because as they grow up, I also grew up and realize that I just love all of it.

To all the Mom’s I see everyday surviving, thriving and being so in love you can’t even stand it, I hope your day was filled with magic as well.

Here is a little glance of 5.13.12 in my life… now I think I will go back to staring and staring:)




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One of my friends has launched the most charming extract business and I am so excited to share her news.  If you should want to purchase a bottle of extract for yourself or as a gift for a savvy baker in your life, email Melanie @ melaniegray99@hotmail.com.  Go Melanie!!  ps.  click on the image so you can read the small print:)

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Camping at Assateague


So it seems we began a new family tradition… camping at Assateague with our friends the Thompson’s on Columbus Day Weekend.  With that being said, here are the First Annual Assateague Camping Trip Photos.  The weather could not have been more gorgeous and the views of the horses with their sunrise, ocean background were truly magical.

The food was great… we packed pretty well for our first trip, making the usual and Aggie bringing the most awesome breakfast burritos to get us started on day two.  The second day, we caught a dolphin pod swimming along in the ocean, a small flock or orioles flying by a nearby bush and lots of crabs in the sand.  What can I say, we experienced our own Discovery Channel show in a quick, 24 hour time frame.  If you have yet to experience Assateague… I give a great endorsement.  Well, well worth every moment of packing, tent building and trekking.

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Blizzard 2010!

So, it has been quiet and beautiful living in Snowtropolis for the last several days.  I am getting anxious to get out and move around again!  Here are some photographs of the neighborhood.  I like the character the snow has brought to the street.  Although excited for sunshine, I will miss the snow, the excuse to eat a little more sweets than I should, the sleeping in a little later than I should, the watching more movies than I should, the drinking just one more glass of wine than I should… back to reality… I feel it… I can smell it.

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It’s Official…

My daughter is a tween!  I am not quite sure how I feel about that… the wrinkles on my neck would say I am not okay but the conversations I have with her while we are out on one of our “dates” makes me excited for what is to come.  Her mood can flash from a smile to a hurricane rant in a flash and so one must always be prepared.  And Gus… well sometimes I think he feels like he is just along for the ride.  I love these images as they move from smile to sweet teenage angst in an instant.  I can’t and can wait to see what middle school and puberty does to our daily lives.MackmackBlog7

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