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Everyone is arriving and the celebrating has just begun…

Sneaking in some alone time…

Rehearsing for the big day…

The day has finally arrived…

The whole town joined the celebration as the bride’s family danced her to the groom…

A stroll that they will always remember…

I now pronounce you…


This life together starts with an amazing party…

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If rain is good luck on your wedding day…we can only imagine what a great marriage these two are going to have!

Just check out how much snow the first snowfall of the year brought us! Congrats Jessie & Orlando!!!!

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We really enjoyed working with Deanna & Patrick.

Such a fun stress-free day of love, dancing, and how could we not mention the mac and chesse bar! YUM!!!

The cocktail of the day was interesting and beautiful as well…..

Bubbles&Blue : Champagne, Hpnotiq, and Cherry!!!

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Kate n’ Ethan were graced by a beautiful day!

Also by amazing food (thanks Patowmack Farm!), wine and friends!

By the time everyone got to the dancing…..that tent was a lively place! Congrats you two!

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What can we say? We looked forward to your wedding for months!
And you guys certainly did not disappoint us! (or the little old lady in Giant!)
We had soooooo much fun! Wish you both the best!

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