This “labor of love” was many months in the making.  We have finally launched our blog based website.  The history of our past sessions will stay here and as we continue to photography beautiful families they will be appear on the new site = www.laboroflovephoto.com



Well, we are at that spot in the vacation that is smack dab in the middle. The part where the first couple of days seemed to last forever and now time accelerates at an unfair rate. The time when one realizes that there is a constraint on all that you wanted to do, that you probably won’t finish all seven books that are packed in the suitcase, that you won’t spend every waking moment on the sand because indoor relaxing is also important while your skin gets a break from the sun. The hope of writing a new business plan on the screened in porch starts to dwindle and although in paradise, one still has to reprimand the kids when they are misbehaving.

The midway makes me stop, take a breath and try to capture this small amount of time that we cherish so much. It is the time of the vacation when I set my alarm clock before the sun rises, drink a cup of coffee, grab the camera, leash and dog and head out to own just a little bit of this week.

I was fortunate to get a little collection of everything from the crescent moon and north star, last night’s litterbugs, a poor little fish, a jellyfish, the light, the early risers and myself and Piper. It was a good morning.

Ps.  These photos loaded backwards of capture so start at the end if you want to see them in chronological order.